AREAS OF EXPERTISE        
  Investment Promotion  
  SME Sector and Business Development Services (BDS)  
  Financial Management/Business Plans  
  Institutional/Organizational Development and Strategic Planning  

IMPACT Associates has the skills and experience in similar assignments and is capable of implementing the project effectively. The flexibility and exposure of the seconded staff shall be of great value and benefit to the proposed project as shown by our competencies in the following areas:

Experience in Investment Promotion:
IMPACT has significant experience in implementation of investment promotion. Some of the projects implemented include:

  • Country Coordinator of the Tourism Investment Conference (PROFIT) under the EU funded PROєNVEST March- June 2007.
  • Country Coordinator of the ICT Conference (PROFIT) under the EU funded PROєNVEST September2007-February 2008.
  • Consultants for the Workshop on: PTA Regional Integration Initiative 8th June 1993. at International Conference Centre Kampala,

Experience in SME Sector and Business Development Services (BDS):
Our staffs are knowledgeable and experienced in developing business strategies and turn around business strategies for businesses. IMPACT staff has also carried out feasibility studies as well as developed bankable business plans for clients funded by the ADF and banks in Uganda. Some of the successfully accomplished assignments include: Design of FEWs Training Standardized Best Practices Based Microfinance for the EU and SUFFICE Uganda, Promotion of Appropriate Financial System for Micro and Small Scale Entrepreneurs for the EU and SUFFICE Uganda,  The Establishment of Income Generating Production Units at Rehabilitation Centers for the Disabled Persons: Lweza, Ruti and Kireka for the Norwegian Assiciation for the Disabled and Design of appropriate Financial Systems for MMSEs for the EU and SUFFICE Uganda. Both private and public institutions in Uganda. Some of the related assignments accomplished include;

  • Sub-Sector  Mapping for the Pilot Phase of the Enterprise skills and Linkages (ELS)Program
  • PSF Study to assess Opportunities and Prospects of Uganda’s Fish Supply Chain
  • National Baseline Survey of Micro and Small Scale Enterprise (MSEs) in Uganda
  • Final Evaluation of the Rehabilitation of Production Enterprises (RPE) Project.
  • Carpentry and Joinery Sub-Sector Study of Uganda
  • Formulation of a Programme for Textile Sub-sector
  • Promotion of Appropriate Financial System for Micro and Small Scale Entrepreneurs
  • The end-use commodity check survey of the rehabilitation of production enterprises project
  • Formulation of Appropriate Financial Systems for MSE’s in Uganda. (Sept. 1998 - Jan 1999).
  • Design and Development of Database Framework of Selected Key Socio-economic Indicators for Monitoring the Development in Sub-Saharan Africa - Nov 1998.

Experience in Financial Management/Business Plans:
IMPACT members of staff have participated in design and implementation of financial management plans and other intervention packages for clients from both private and public sector. The assignments accomplished include;

  • Business Plan for the development of Lake Bunyonyi Resort and Lake Nyamirima Camp site. June 2007.
  • Feasibility Study for Kyanja Estates Construction of 162 Housing Units
  • Design of Business Plan for the proposed Cum-Cones Ice Cream Ltd. June 1994
  • Feasibility study on Crayfish farming in Uganda for export to the EU market
  • Feasibility Study the Proposed Nyipir Co-operative Society Grain Milling Plant. November 1993.

Experience in Institutional/Organizational Development and Strategic Planning:
IMPACT has undertaken assignments in area of strategic planning and designed strategic plans for various government departments. Recently IMPACT designed and developed the Corporate Strategy for Local Government Finance Commission (LGFC) and the Corporate Strategy for the Faculty of Development Studies (FDS) at Mbarara University of Science and Technology whose aim of establishing priorities and link day-to-day organizational activities to the organization’s strategic mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

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